Pay-per-Click or Display advertising – which is best?

For my next blog post I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of PPC and Display Advertising.

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Advantages of Pay Per Click: 

1. Your website will now appear at the top or the right hand side of the search engine results page. The person searching the internet cannot avoid seeing your website.

2. One very handy face is that; unlike SEO (search engine optimization) you do not have to alter your web pages to rank highly in the search. Since you have paid you will always be located in the Ads section.

3. It is very simple really. You pay a fee for certain keywords/phrases of your choice and you are then up and running.

4. Targeting: PPC also allows you to target certain customers. For example you can use language targeting, location targeting or gender/age. This makes it a lot easier to locate the target audience of your Advertisements.

A list of the benefits of PPC can be seen here

Disadvantages of using the Pay Per Click System:

1. One downside to PPC is that it can be really expensive to work properly. Remember you literally are paying for every click. Even if the searcher does not buy!

2. Unfortunately a lot of people tend to ignore sponsored Ads and go straight for the free ones. People seem to trust these Ads a lot more for some reason. This is one major disadvantage of using the PPC system.

3. If someone else bids higher then you for a certain phrase or keywords, you have to bid more or risk losing your dominant position on the top of the page.

Display Advertising:

Display Marketing, Future, Display, Marketing

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A slide show of the main benefits of display advertising can be seen here

1. It is very easy to reach your target audience. Display Advertising uses keywords you have searched for in the past to find the right site. This is exactly why there is a high conversion rate by businesses who use this method of advertising. In other words these Ads are only shown to people who are interested in them.

2. Another big advantage of display advertising is that it is very cost effective. There was a time when this type of advertising was actually expensive. Not Anymore!

3. Unlike some other methods of online advertising it is very easy to create. Static Adverts can usually be created in the most basic software. This is a big plus if you are working with a small advertising budget.


1. Just like the PPC above it is very easy for people to ignore the advertisements. This is especially the case if the Ads are animated.

2. People also find that Display can be very limited. Display ads are limited in the amount of information they can convey.  Even with animation you usually only have 10-15 seconds of time to get your message across in a limited space.

3. Information collected about display ads is usually limited to impressions, clicks and possibly some information about who clicked on the ad (if the site has registration tied to their ad serving – more on analytics in a future post).


It is clear to see that both methods need to be used with other tools to be successful. However I think that display marketing might be the better choice. Due to the high cost of PPC it makes it a real turn off, as most business do not have much of an online advertising budget. For quality and value for money I think display advertising seems to be the better option.


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