How B2B Marketers are successfully using LinkedIn

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The LinkedIn Logo and Icon

LinkedIn has become a very important tool for B2B Marketers. The main reason LinkedIn has become so popular is due to the current Social Media mad world that we live in.

The company knows their audience. So all they need to do is use relevant information. And get straight to the point.

This video explains the major relationship between marketing and LinkedIn. It basically explains in 5 simple steps how to grow your business using LinkedIn.

Arguably the most important tool for organisations using LinkedIn is the products or services section. This allows the organisation to advertise both their new and existing products as well as all promotions and sales they may be having. A very handy tool indeed.

The tone you use is very important on LinkedIn. More so then other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc.. The tone you use on LinkedIn is usually a lot more serious then various other platforms.

I no to experts this may sound ridiculous but some people actually don’t understand the difference between B2B and B2C marketing. Here is a useful article I found on the main differences between the 2.

The advanced search tool (if used properly) is a great way for a business to find their target market. Once you click on this button, you are then giving a few options to help filter down your search. For example after you click on “Advanced Search” you can then filter by Language or Industry etc.. This is a very handy way of locating your target market in the most efficient way possible.

Every business with any intention of making profits in the future needs to be on social media. In the case of B2B Marketers they 100% need to use LinkedIn. But not just for the “sake” of following everyone else. They need to be original, professional and target the right people. If a business ignores LinkedIn (or any other social media platform for that matter) they are missing out on cost-friendly profits and advertising. There competitors will not make the same mistake!

Professional LinkedIn Image


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